HR Recruitment Services

HR Recruitment Services

D K Management Consultants and Placement Services, provides complete HR Recruitment solutions. Whether, the companies are looking for skilled or unskilled manpower, we provide them with a huge database to choose from. Our team of recruitment consultants screens the aspiring candidates on the preliminary level and lines them up for the hiring process in different sectors. The selection of the candidate is done as per a format and we ensure only the cream lot is being referred to the hiring companies.

HR Audits And Labour Laws Audits With Deviations And Solutions

For any successful organization sound compliances of various laws is very important and hence, periodical audit of their various compliances, records from the professional and expert party is very important to avoid any serious non-compliances in the organization in various filed and hence Government has made it compulsory to have their records audited by authorised agencies in the field of finance, materials, excise, quality etc.

It has become vital and equally important to audit the organizations records, compliances, policies in the HR field also to avoid the unfortunate and serious issues.

Since associated with all types of industries and business center for quite a long time, we had earned the capacity to conduct the audits in the following fields.

  • Human Resources-Policies, practices
  • Labour Law compliances
  • Contract Labour compliances

We conduct the detailed audits in the above field and issue detailed certificates with:
  • The facts
  • The deviations with consequences if any
  • The extent of approx. liabilities
  • Recommendations of solutions and
  • Practical implementation plans.

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