Government Liaison Services

Government Liaison Services

The successful business operation requires well-coordination between the Government agencies on timely basis. We, at D K Management Consultants and Placement Services, extend our service to Government Liaison where we do timely interaction between the govt. agencies on the behalf of the organization. The service is rendered by the professionals who have vast experience and expertise in their domain. They are well-versed with the labor laws and other regulations thus help in building a positive environment for the smooth business operations.

Positive and timely interaction, coordination with Government agencies also equally important for any successful business.

Being in labour laws field for last about three decades, we have very healthy rapport with all Govt. agencies as well as out side local and State level agencies.

Our professional liaison with all concerned agencies, really inculcates positive and healthy atmosphere for the success of the organization.

We undertake liaison with all the local and state level authorities concerned under the various laws and rules applicable to the organization from time to time.

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