Employee Relationship Management

Employee Relationship Management

The smooth and healthy functioning of an organization requires satisfied employees. And this satisfaction can be attained by proper Employee Relationship Management. Our consultancy provides competent Employee relationship management service by developing a strong relationship between the employee and the employer.

Our experts develop employee management polices which help in avoiding any confusion between the employees and the management thus provide a transparent & positive culture in the organization. Further, we also represent management to the various Govt. authorities, employees unions, etc. on the behalf of the company.

For any successful organization, it requires right type of expert support to ensure smooth functioning of the organization to achieve desired goals to make it a global and successful organization.

We being in this entire gamut of Human Resources field for last three decades have achieved capacity to guide our clients in various fields as follows.

  • Management Advice
  • Labour Laws Advice and
  • Employee Relations Advice.
  • Social security advice such as ESI, PF, Gratuity etc.

Being very successful in the entire gamut of the “TOTAL HR SOLUTIONS” have been advising our clients in the above field including participation in union meetings, employees various meetings as management’s representative for last three decades and achieved very smooth functioning of our clients.

Employee Relations & Employee Related Any Issues.

For any successful organization, healthy employee relations plays very important and vital role. Healthy employee relations are an out come of satisfaction of the employees. To ensure such satisfaction, organizations need to take special efforts through various actions.

Even after taking due care of healthy employee relations some times management has to face various grievances either individual or group grievances in the organizations. Such grievances hamper the peace and productivity of the organizations.

To avoid such issues, we extend our expert support, define various systems to avoid any confusion between the employees and management and inculcate transparent and positive culture to ensure healthy and peaceful employee relations.

We also represent management to the various Govt. authorities, employees unions and ensure smooth functioning of the organizations.

Contract Labour And Its Compliances.

In view of the globalization, competition among the industries have become unavoidable and as a result, it has become very important to all the industries to keep the product cost at reasonable level, with out any additional cost passing it out to the customers.

Current global scenario has forced rather to all the industries and business centers to go for short term solutions and as a result companies have preferred to engage man power on contractual basis to avoid the long term or permanent cost.

Indian Government has also supported this logic and introduced “The Contract Labour [Regulation & Abolition] Act, 1970 to regularize the employment of such labour.

Now a day, most of the companies have adopted this logic and engaged contractual man power in their organizations and hence contract labour has become vital and integral part of every industry or business centers.

We are in HR field for last three decades, achieved expertise to engage contractors and such contract labours for our clients, their terms and conditions, agreements, compliances, wages etc by designing customized check list to ensure all compliances to ensure smooth functioning of the organizations.

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